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“Zahara I Can Not Love You By Force”. NBS Tv  Presenter Zahara Totto Dumped By Nigerian Boyfriend

NBS Tv presenter Zahara Nalumansi Totto has been trending on social media following a bitter split with her Nigerian boyfriend Solomon Ugwu commonly known as Don Solo aka Big Papap. Zahara Totto had been playing victim on social media accusing Solo of cheating on her with slay queens and whores.

Totto last week said she is tired of the man who is always sleeping around with any woman who crosses his path and that she has finally thrown in the towel and left the ’anus’ (as she likes to refer to him) for the whores he enjoys all the time.

However, events took a new twist early this morning when video and audio recordings of the two started making their way onto social media confirming not only the bitter split, but that Zahara could actually be the one on  the wrong and the man wanted to get rid of her all along.

Zahara Totto first accused Don Solo of cheating.

Totto who co-presents the NBS UnCut show alongside Annatalia Oze and also the Saturday dance show Saturday Night Live in the alleged audio recording seems to be begging Solo not to leave her. But the man who seems to be the one recording the videos and audios cannot take any of it anymore.

He accuses her of insulting his friends and family all the time including the gateman, his pastor and people she has not even seen for which she responds.  “The only person I care about is you. I don’t care about your friend”

She then continues pleading to be forgiven because she claims she made a mistake because she was drunk. But all her pleading falls on deaf ears.

“Zahara I cannot love you by force. Do you want me to bribe you? I don’t want this relationship anymore. I just want you to leave me alone. I am done” Solo says.

Toto and Solo during their hey days had a blast together.

It seems the man is really fed up of everything and wants her gone from his life for good despite Toto claiming she loves him. “Zahara I know you don’t love me. If you loved me you would not have abused my mom in front of everyone.” He even claims in a second video clip that, he paid her UGX. 20million to leave him alone which then turns violent as she seems to be slapping him. Another of the videos which is not clear shows a man reportedly Solo violently pushing and dropping her down as she tries to hang on him.

Zahara who has been on top of her game plying her trade in the gossip world has now become fodder as all social media platforms have been awash with not-so-good-looking photos of her and Solo as well as videos of their fights. You can listen to the audio below;

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