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Zahara Totto Kisses New Dude On Camera ‘Just A Day’ After Splitting With Nigerian Boyfriend

For the Past two weeks, motor mouthed TV presenter Zahara Totto who hosts the daily ‘Uncut’ show on the Kamwokya based NBS Television has been trending for an obvious reason which is the bitter split with her Nigerian boyfriend Don Solomon

She hasn’t trended only on social media but almost everywhere. As a matter of fact, Totto is one of the hottest topics on people’s lips especially basing on the fact every passing day, this whole drama takes a different twist.

From the bitter split, to Zahara Totto calling Don Solo an ‘anus’ and claiming he has been corning her of her dimes, to Solo chasing Totto from his house like a chicken thief, phew; we must say we have seen and heard it all. However, what is new is, Zahara seems to have moved on from the look of things.

A few days ago, Totto through her Snapchat account posted a controversial video of her kissing a new dude identified as Robert Reuben who for about 5 years has been rumoured to be her secret boyfriend. Whether she was doing so to hurt Solo or seek attention, no one knows but the video has made rounds on social media and tabloids, with everyone sharing their comment(s) about it.

In the one minute and 19 second selfie video recorded by the ‘Uncut’ show co-host herself with a caption “mundeke mu”, meaning ‘let me be’, she is seen allowing lip hungry Robert to kiss her before they later pose for a break of what seems like nothing but a fun moment for the pair.

During the break, she sings along the song playing in the background as Robert is busy licking her left hand fingers. They then resume the kissing for a few seconds and later Totto finishes the whole kissing process off by sipping on a glass of what looks like beer. Meanwhile, all this is happening in a car with Totto on the passenger and Robert on the driver seat.

Totto and Robert have been spotted together at some public gatherings  but they had never been in public display of affection (PDA) like they did, recorded themselves and posted on social media for the whole world to see. Who are we to judge??





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