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Zari And Diamond Now In Dramatic Triangle.



Zari and Diamond cozy up

Well from the genesis of the budding friendship between Zari and the Tanzanian superstar diamond was going to be trouble, when the pictures with both of them started looking cozy.


Daimond and wife Wema

Last week the tabloids released a picture of the two kissing and they stuck to their story that they are just friends and working together on a number of projects. Zari called it ‘getting caught up in the moment’ and as loyal fans, we let it go, but then Diamond Platinum’s wife Wema Sepetu does not think it was nothing.

As zari is brushing it off her shoulder and going on social media to get support for Diamond’s performance at BBA, the Tanzanians are furious and are responding on her instagram account with mocking and cheeky remarks and warning her about hurting another woman out there.

Wema went to instagram where she posted “Hatari….!!!! Hatari….!!!! Hatari….!!!!! Sijawahi kufika Uganda lakini kwa hii ntapanda ndege kabisa kwenda kumsupport my brother @jchameleone @jchameleone @jchameleone @jchameleone @jchameleone @jchameleone …. Basi tutakutana pale kati tar 18 kwenye hio show ya kufunga mwaka… Ama nene….’

Which is loosly translated as ‘Danger! Danger! Danger! I have never been to Uganda but for this I shall board a plane and go to support my brother Chameleone. Fine, We shall be at loggerheads on 18th’ after sharing a picture of Jose chameleon’s show, which is on the same date as Zari’s Ciroc white party at Gunvor and which same show will have Number one singer Diamond performing.

I think it will get icy!

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