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Zari Drops All White Parties As She Embarks On A Changed Life

Just like they say when one grows up, so many things tend to change. The same theory is applying to socialite Zari Hassan. Using her Facebook page, Zari said that she is tired of the whole world knowing what goes around in her life on social media.

“I am going to sieve what goes here. I am tired of that life where everyone knows what’s going on,” she said.

When her social media fans prompted her to explain more about her post, Zari clearly stated that she feels that she has outgrown exposing whatever happens in her life on social media and she will soon start to concentrate on going more private.

More so, Zari revealed that she will start by dropping the annual parties that were themed as ‘All White Parties’ which happen in December at the Kampala industrial area-based Club Guvnor

Zari is now a changed person

However, we all know it is very hard for Zari to stop sharing her private life on social media and let us wait if she keeps her promise this time round

Lately, Zari has been in news after it was rumored that she is seeing self proclaimed money bags Bryan White. It has been alleged by online media that the two are secretly dating. Recently, a picture of a monster Toyota V8 car surfaced online and it was reported that White Bryan had allegedly bought it for Zari  although she came out to deny it.

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