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Zari, Farouk Sempala drunk in love

Kampala socialite Zari has had her ups and downs with relationships in the past, but it seems like she has found a keeper in Farouk Sempala.

From the get go, rumors circulated that Zari and Farouk wouldn’t last but the couple have proved their critics wrong as they seem to be head over heels.

Hady Sengo Halliwell, a close friend said, the couple is so deep in love and this is professed from the pictures she shared on her wall. The pictures show Zari and Pharouque holding hands as they take a walk.


Some fans were happy for the couple while others criticized it, saying she deserves better and that Farouk is only there for the publicity.

An angry Farouk said, “Publicity? Who has forced you to know me? Ignore my presence if you can. I do not seek publicity. Zari has heard those words from a million people so it is not news to her anymore. Just watch her stay,”

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