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Zari: Mary Luswata is a low life who is sexually frustrated


The feud between Ugandan socialite Zari and Urban Tv’s Mary Luswata is nothing new to the public eye. Recently, Zari decided to fuel the beef by calling Luswata a low life who is sexually frustrated on Twitter.

“About to head out and chase this paper to keep the fabulous life going so I could give this low life insecure ‘thing’ Mary Luswata what to talk about,” she tweeted.

Their feud started when Mary Luswata called Zari ‘all brown with no brains’ and doesn’t know what she wants in relationships. Zari who tried to keep her cool lost it recently, calling Mary a low life who seeks attention through attacking people for no reason.

The Ugandan socialite also said that Mary keeps stalking her on several social media sites: “My ice bucket challenge nominee is Mary Luswata. Girl, better tag me in that clip. I know you stalk me on social media,” Zari said.

Farouk Sempala’s boo further wondered how any man would tolerate Luswata because her behavior is that for sexually frustrated women.

From the looks of things, this feud is about to heat up. We will keep you posted.

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