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Zari Now Seeks Divine Intervention In Her Life

The boss Lady Zari Hassan has had a turmoil of a life recently especially as concerns her relationship with Farouk Sempala with stories of him cheating surfacing in the tabloids in the past few days. This follows a series of other stories linking her to a return to her estranged South African based husband Ivan Semwanga.

The only fact that seems to come out of all this is the fact that Zari seems to be torn in between the two men in her life. To make matters worse the one she is in love with currently Farouk seems to be the one hurting her. This comes after Farouk apparently released nude photos of a girlfriend that had initially been kept a top secret something that pissed off Zari


Zari new

Now stories of Sempala cheating on Zari with other girls to get to Zari for going back to her husband are dominating the social and main stream media. It should be remembered that, Zari went to South Africa to celebrate the birthday of one of their children in South Africa and they had a good time together during that period.


Zari going to church

Ever since that time, things have not been going well between the two love birds Farouk and Zari with the latter referring to the former as a Mothe f**kr in this facebook post.

“People have no problem committing themselves to one person. But mfs stay playing. I don’t fear commitment. I fear waste of time. Being in a relationship isn’t as easy as it looks …. & Being single isn’t as fun as it seems NO relationship is perfect, so you might as well pick the perfect person to go through hell with or vice versa. Blessed day fam!!”

They say when things go right and everything seem to fail, you talk to the almighty to seek divine intervention and that exactly is what she has done. Yesterday Zari whose husband is believed to be a Sangoma (Witch doctor) in South Africa, went to church perhaps to pray to God for her to make the right decisions in the near future.

“Thank you, God for everything. The big things and the small, For “every good gift comes from God”, The Giver of them all. The closer you walk with God, the less room there is for anything to come between. #HeadingToChurch Blessed Sunday”.She wrote to her fans.


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