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Zari’s ‘Co-Wife’ Blasts Ugandans

Thanks to Diamond Platnumz’s cheating habits, now Hamisa Mobetto is also a celebrity. Not only in Tanzania but Uganda as well. In fact people have even started comparing her to Zari Hassan mainly because of the fact that they are co-wives to Diamond.

This also gave her the audacity to put Ugandans who are attacking her in their right place a few hours ago when she said most of Ugandans ‘don’t think’.

She was replying one of the messages on her social media saying that the only Ugandans who understand are those who support Besigye. Even though she didn’t get the correct spelling of the former presidential candidate name, we know she was referring to him.

Her reply further dented many after she insinuated that those supporting Museveni who has been in power generation after generation are not thinkers.

Hamisa Mobetto is a video vixen who appeared in Diamond’s ‘Salome’ song, which is a redone version of Saida Karoli’s Solome track. What happened after the video is that Diamond and Mobetto decided to take things a notch higher by having an affair that resulted into a child.


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