Zari’s Humble Advice To Girls Will Leave You Shocked

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By far, Socialite Zari Hassan is one of East Africa’s top female social media influencers with a very big social media following on all her social media platforms. She has inspired very many girls to join the so called ‘slay’ world although she has also had her negative side but we shall not dwell much in that.

Despite the fact that some people look at Zari in a negative angle, Zari is a responsible mother of 5 and a business woman. A few years back she found love in Tanzania’s superstar Diamond Platnumz with whom they have two children so far although critics are spreading rumours that their relationship is on the verge of breakup.

However, being an experienced socialite who has seen it all with many girls who have looked up to her but instead taken wrong directions where they have been mislead by old loaded men (sponsors), Zari came out to give them some advice.  

“Forget about those old men called “Sponsors”. Build a future with that brilliant determined young man who is after you. He might be poor today but he won’t be poor forever. Build wealth with your own man. Sponsors will bless you with gifts, diseases and curses. Don’t die over material things. Better things are yet to come. Some died of AIDS just because of iPhone 4. Little did they know that we will have iPhone 7. Sponsors will waste your youthful years and you will miss the chance of getting married to a man who will make you a ‘Mrs

Zari advises girls to leave alone the old loaded men and instead build wealth with their men

Zari accompanied this post with a photo of him and Diamond Platnumz whom critics had spread rumours that she chucked due to the fact that he admitted to have cheated on her (Zari) and impregnated another woman who gave birth to a baby boy a few months ago.


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