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Why Ziza Bafana Calls Him Self The ‘god’ Of Ragga

Ragga and Dancehall artiste Ziza Bafana is one of the promising artistes in the Pearl Of Africa especially basing on the fact that he has released successful hit songs from way back like ‘Gyayo Ntekeyo’, ‘Agende’, ‘Guluma Nasomye’ among many others.

The hoarse-voiced singer has hard Ragga lyrics and the energy and the speed at which he spits them out is incomparable and has put him in his own class after developing his own trade mark style. He recently held a successful ‘Agende Tuli Majje Concert’ at Freedom City Mall and as he performed, he officially released his fresh track dubbed ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’ a Luganda word meaning ‘god’ of Ragga.

Ziza Bafana

Ragga artiste Ziza Bafana calls him self the ‘god’ of Ragga

The lyrics of the song are full of praise for Bafana himself. For instance the intro is basically for elevating himself to immortality status where he is heard singing how he is still the leader in doing Ragga and how he is the only one who discovered the source of Ragga music.


Ziza Bafana performing at his recently concluded Agende Tli Majje concert

He goes ahead and adds how he, the god of Ragga has turned it into a party everyone is enjoying in Uganda. In the other verses, he compares his music with money and adds that, fans yearn for it.

In the final verse he concludes by singing about his haters who are cursing because he is shining and as to some, they no longer hate but now instead love his music.

Ziza Bafs

Ziza Bafana performing at one of the shows

So, why all the fuss about being the best in Ragga. We ask Bafana and he continues from where he left it in the song;

“Dou you see any other artiste in Uganda who does Ragga like me? I came up with this song after almost every Ugandan artiste was copying the Tuli Majje song, so I sealed the Tuli Majje chapter at Freedom City and opened up another chapter Katonda Wa Ragga.”

“If you call your call yourself the dancehall king or commando, just know Ziza Bafana is god of Ragga. They are also going to copy this one since they are used to that.”

Listen to ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’ by Ziza Bafana below

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