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Ziza Bafana Explains His Kidnapping Incident

We recently reported that dancehall artiste Ziza Bafana was kidnapped in South Sudan and held for several hours. The artiste lets us in of what really transpired in Juba.

The artiste explained that people from Juba are so cold hearted and that by the time he arrived, they never cared who he was and didn’t welcome him but he just concentrated on holding his shows and returning home.

Ziza Bafana was abducted in Juba.

Ziza Bafana was abducted in Juba.

“I was booked for three shows in three days but because of the reception I got, I just wanted to get the shows done and return home but halfway my performance for the first show, power got off and next thing I hear is about three guys grabbing me off the stage and taking me into a private car outside. As they drove off, three patrols followed us plus two other private cars and I was taken in a location I had no idea about. That was midnight.

Ziza further says he was interrogated for like three hours before he was saved by a woman who contacted an artiste called WG to my rescue.

They interrogated me for over three hours asking me where I was coming from, who I was and what I was doing in Juba. I had left my passport in the hotel room but fortunately, I was saved by a certain lady who came by later in the morning. She understood English so I explained to her my predicament and she contacted WG a Sudanese artiste I have a song with. He ordered them to let me go and I was released at 7am yesterday morning.”

Bafana returned to Uganda last evening and straight away hit the road to Jinja at the resort casino for more performances.

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