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Ziza Bafana Puts Aside Beef And Calls Upon His Fans To Attend Bebe Cool’s Concert

Although his highly anticipated ‘Guluma Nasomye Batufitina’ maiden concert did not take place last year following some misunderstandings between his team and the Kampala Capital City Authority officials, Ragga artiste Ziza Bafana is this time round more than ready and good to go for his 2016 concert.

The ‘Agende Tuli Majje’ concert slated for Saturday the 30th of July 2016 going for 30,000 VIP and 10,000 ordinary will take place at the Entebbe road-based Freedom City Mall which has proven to be a home for many concerts. Unlike last year’s concert at Kati Kati on 7th August 2015 where ardent his fans were left disappointed, this time around nothing will stop him come Saturday.


Ragga artiste Ziza Bafana holding his Agende Tuli Majje concert this Saturday

“This time around we have moved to Freedom City because no event has ever been cancelled there. What happened last year will not happen again. The problem was however not for Magic Town as a camp but the promoter. Sometimes promoters let you go do the rehearsals when they have not done anything at all.” Rokan David, Ziza Bafana’s manager told Chano8

“But everything is fully sorted and the production will be the best. We shall be unveiling and releasing a fresh song dubbed ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’ (God of Ragga). Bafana is done with all the serious rehearsals although he might do the last rehearsal and sound check on Friday at Freedom City.” He added.

Bafana talks CUT

Ziza Bafana called upon his fans to go attend Bebe Cool’s concert next month

Ziza Bafana who is believed to be having bad blood with Gagamel boss Bebe Cool, this time round however sounded in a reconciliatory mood as he called upon all his fans to also attend Bebe Cool’s concert due next month.

“We know a lot of people await our concert because they keep saying that Ziza Bafana is mortar mouthed but all we ask is that fans should really come and support. Ziza Bafana also calls upon his fans to go attend Bebe Cool’s concert at Serena on the 5th of August.” He concluded

Having grown a big fan base in recent times, Ziza Bafana will push the same concert to other places like Holy Fam in Nansana, Da Renaz in Kawanda, Satelite Beach Mukono and Maria Flo in Masaka on the 31st of July, 5th, 6th and 7th of August respectively and all concert are 10,000 shillings as entry fee.

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