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Ziza Bafana, Roden Y Fight Over Bebe Cool’s Silence On Bobi Wine’s Arrest

Yes it is true that many Bobi Wine fans country wide are not happy with the way he was treated and arrested following last week’s Arua by-election. Up to now, Bobi Wine is still held at Makindye Barracks where he is receiving medical attention after he was allegedly brutalized by security officers.

Since then, Bobi’s family and some artistes have come out to show concern through requesting the government to free Bobi Wine. On Monday, some artistes who included Bobi’s brothers Eddy Yawe and Mikie Wine and other artistes like Chameleone, Roden Y, Ziza Bafana, King Saga among other well wishers, held a press conference where they discussed possible means of to get Bobi Wine out of military custody

Everything was moving on smoothing until Spark TV’s news anchor decided to do a one on one interview with Ziza Bafana. Speaking with all his energy, dissatisfied Ziza said. We are on a mission to see Bobi Wine the people’s leader, the people power is freed. Bebe Cool is not here but he knows it where he is”

No sooner had he finished uttering out his statement than Team No Sleep’s Roden Y interjected in what seemed like a disagreement

“Don’t mention Bebe Cool here, he is dense ” Roden Y angrily said. “But he is supoposwed to also be here with us to his fellow artistes” Ziza Bafana replied Kabako who didn’t bother hearing him out but kept pouring scorn at Bebe Cool. At some pont, Roden called Bebe a pretender who after starting up Fire Base Crew with Bobi, later quit

Bafana’s efforts to make Roden understand why Bebe Cool needed to be at the musicians’ meeting to look for ways of freeing Bobi Wine were futile as angry Roden Y didn’t seem to stop talking

What seemed like a hot argument between the two artistes almost turned into a fight but their friends were heard asking them not to fight as we later saw Bafana being pulled away from Roden Y’s side by his aides

Meanwhile, following the charges of ‘illegal possession of fire arms’ that were slapped on him last week, Bobi Wine is set to appear before court martial this Thursday

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