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Ziza Bafana Teams Up With Goodlyfe On A New Love Story

East Africa’s dynamic duo Radio and Weasel commonly known as GoodLyfe have again released another mind blowing song ‘Byaagana’ featuring live wire Ragga Muffin star Ziza Bafana. Shot by Meddie Menz, ‘Byaagana’ video portrays a scenario where a beautiful girl neglects her boyfriend and goes on with the next man who is rich and possesses luxurious things like cars and property.

‘Byaagana’ The Video

The video has a brief story about three young dudes who are all in for the same girl. It all begins with Radio who is the jilted lover standing somewhere by the roadside peeping at Weasel the ‘current’ man who is seen driving in an open convertible posh Mercedes Benz car with his (Radio)ex girlfriend. Radio then suddenly tries to stop them but Weasel couldn’t stop which forces him to run after the car while cursing.

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Radio and Weasel

Later, Weasel and his new catch park at some place where they are seen hugging romantically. Unsatisfied Radio meanwhile still follows and bumps into them. He interrupts their sweet moments, takes off Weasel’s sun glasses, while his ex is seen laughing off all his actions.

The next scene introduces hoarse voiced Ziza Bafana seen riding a bicycle as he approaches the same girl from the back, he is all lovey-dovey. He finally reaches the target, gathers confidence and then tries to pour his feelings for her though the girl out rightly rejects him. Bafana doesn’t stick to her like glue, he continues riding on.

He meets Radio who asks him what he was telling the girl and later chases him but Bafana rides very fast and leaves him cursing again. Weasel then tells them off in the last verse as he is seen having a good time with the girl as the two embrace each other in a show of public affection.


Ragga artiste Ziza Bafana

The other scenes show the three; Radio, Weasel and Ziza Bafana pulling rare dance strokes on top of a building which has a beautiful view of Kampala city. The video is concluded with a scene where Radio and Ziza Bafana lift Weasel up threatening to throw him down the storied building for taking the girl they all longed for.

In all, the video which has a clean print tells the short story and brings out the fun side of the duo despite their formal dress cord. The blue theme and colour scheme resonates well with the love flowing all over the place as Bafana’s hoarse Ragga breaks the Radio-Weasel chord monotony.

Watch ‘Byaagana’ by Radio and Weasel featuring Ziza Bafana below

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