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Ziza Bafana’s “Embuzi” Raunchy Music Video Gets Ugandans Talking. Here Is Why

When it comes to regaining his place among the top local Dancehall singers, Ziza Bafana has done almost everything although things still seem ‘sluggish’

We commend him for the effort he is putting in for a big comeback and the sky can only be the limit for him because he believes in his talent

A week ago, he released a new song titled “Embuzi” (Luganda dialect for Goat(s)) and according to his very own description of it, it “is a dancehall ragga groove meant to make everyone dance making them cry like a goat.”

The audio was produced by T.O.N and the video which from the day it was premiered, has gotten people talking was shot and directed by Frank Jah of Jahlive Films.

The 2 minutes and 31 second music video has set tongues wagging mainly because of what viewers have considered as ‘extreme raunchiness’ displayed by the female vixens featuring in it.

It stars Ziza and a group of vixens clad in extremely revealing costumes in a forest while energetically twerking and wiggling their bodies in an erotic way to the beat. Some viewers have found it too extreme compared the videos Bafana has been releasing.

Although there are some few scenes showing the girls wearing non skimpy costumes, most scenes show raunchiness which some people seem to have a ‘problem with’,  if the comments is anything to go by.

“Raising up our kids in this error is gonna be difficult because imagine your kid watching that video” said a one concerned Mugabi Adam

“A moment of silence to the parents of these beautiful daughters in this video”- Siad LiamNuel Dior

“Our children are watching this .I think we need law that controls these musicians”- Nagutta Rose

 “Let me cry for future of my kids,so heartbreaking”- Fatuma Rashid

“Imagine, if my pipo don’t turn from evil, covid 19 will not go away”-  Mukombe Tom

 “You will reap whatever you sow when the time comes. Beware. Jesus is King.”  Makey Bae

“we need clean version sir” Dusabe Benon asked

“This song will never play on Tv”- Prince Kimbugwe stated

“RIP Bafana and all the dancers in this video. May God have mercy on you. Forgive you your wrongdoings and grant you eternal rest.” Catherine Magoba

“Nze eno come back neda even jamaicans no longer do shit like this, tebinyumye mbu meee meeee even the gals with cheap lipstick mbu meeeeh like matako song only matakoooo is the message i got in this song matako”– Moon Tekisha

“May God just have mercy and save these lost souls in Jesus Christ’s Name” – Magabe Kennen

“I don’t want to guess what happened after shooting this video” – Joked Jalia Nadi

“I just feel sorry for the camera man filming those girls while twerking. Prayers for him”  Mariam Maman

On the other hand, there are some people that liked the video

“The kind of videos we been missing on our scene. I have always been a fan of @zizabafana but after watching this video I think I’m becoming an air conditioner” Siad Ethan

“Now this is the Bafana I have been missing all along…but will these bu local TV’s of ours play this video– Nsimbi Erisa

“U drive us speedy bafana woooow u improved bro this Video is hot like for Vybz Kartel”- Dj Tonny

“This will take us threw the 42days but expect Fr Rukoddo soon” – Ndugwa Solomon

“I can’t get enufff of this video am watching it ova and ova” – Man Property Uganda

You can check video on YouTube and check out what people are saying about the video yourself









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