Ziza Bafana’s ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’ Video A Glimmer Of Hope For The Industry

Video director and Cinematographer Sasha Vybes is one of Uganda’s most sought after and celebrated music video directors have stormed the scene just a few years back. He has since been impressively on the rise with his consistency winning the hearts of many admirers and fans that has come with many business opportunities.

Well Sasha and his Savy Films in their latest production seem to head in the right direction as they showcase not only talent and creativity but send a clear message that when the right resources like time and money are invested in a project like this, the results inevitably amazing.

Shot in a dingy warehouse, the music video in which Bafana claims to be some Ragga god aptly portrays him as a crude underworld god who despite his supposedly ‘superior’ and immortal status is actually left helpless in the hands of his tormentors who perhaps accuse him of ‘misleading’ the public like he says in the song and want to get rid of him using poisonous gas.

Someone once accused Sasha of not having a script writer for his concepts as some of the videos his produces luck basic storylines but in ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’, there is something running and the story is hidden in what looks a darkness at noon.

The tension can be felt in the dark shades as Bafana pours his claim to the Ragga throne via an overloaded microphone laden with heavy wiring. Of course the message is loud and clear as the motor-mouthed Bafana fires rapid shots in his trademark one-billion-words-per-second style.

Sasha’s traditional signature camera swinging style is also present but this time enhances with background flicker lighting and introduction of creeping animals and insects that look like they just escaped from the ‘Dark Age’. Whatever they represent alongside the masked men is story for another day.

The camera angles and movement is typical Sasha and not that am complaining, but appreciating the fact that it is actually one of his selling points and can only continue to perfect it although the transitions tend to be too fast at times. This is a step in the right direction together with his other project ‘Kisasi Kimu’ by Sheebah which will definitely receive local and international airplay. There are other good videos out there too from Uganda already doing great.

 And oh, it has some cool dance moves in there too. This surely must be Shasha.

You can watch full video below;




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