Ziza Bafana’s Long Awaited ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’ Video Finally Out

Photo by Habre Muriisa

Uganda’s videography scene is on a serious rise and we are not wrong to say Sasha Vybz is one of the leading video directors. The music videos he has so far shot and directed speak volumes. Well, he once again did justice to another brand new video and it is none other than Ziza Bafana’s ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’.

About the Audio

Katonda Wa Ragga loosely translated as ‘Ragga god’ is a tune in which Ziza Bafana tells off the other Ragga singers and brags how he is the best in the business by calling himself a Ragga god. Lyrics like ‘Ragga nze ampoomera and ensulo za Ragga nzizudde’ Luganda for ‘I enjoy Ragga and discovered its source’ clearly explain the topic he sang about.

The Video

The 3 minutes and 25 seconds video portrays Bafana as an outcast high on ‘Ragga drug’ treated as a hard core criminal brought for punishment in an isolated ware house that looks like a prison. It starts off with a scene of a nurse pushing Ziza Bafana on a wheel chair where he is tied to although in other scenes we see him singing on a microphone with many wires swinging off to pour the rapid words out of his motor mouth.

The next shots show him singing while tied on the wheel chair although he tries to untie himself but all in vain. The viewers’ attention is then later diverted to other video vixens like the guys wearing gas masks pulling some eye catching B-Boy strokes. Bafana later joins in in a different costume and also pulls serious dance moves.

Ziza Bafana in one of the scenes in the video

In the concluding scenes, Bafana is hanged upside down which is part of his punishment before he is sat down on chair that is wired with electricity cables and surrounded by gas cylinders and guys wearing gas masks led by a ‘doctor’ wearing a white lab coat. He gives Bafana a chance to smoke a cigarette as his last wish.

After smoking and with no hope of survival, Bafana closes his eyes while releasing the smoke through his nostrils and waits for the final command from the ‘doctor’ who instructs one of the guys wearing a gas mask to switch on the gas although we are left in suspense without seeing what happened next.


Bafana yet again stakes his claim of being the Big fish in the Ragga pond and although accepts he is getting beef and haters for that also acknowledges his fans who adore him as the king. Sasha Vybz has tried many new ideas before and this particular one has been a new territory for him with the introduction of foreign objects and the flicker lights running all over.

Watch Ziza Bafana’s ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’ video below

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