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Zuena Celebrates 15 Years Of Her Relationship With Bebe Cool

It’s already fifteen years since Bebe Cool and Zuena started their relationship which has seen them blessed with four children.

Like every relationship, they haven’t been on a smooth ride and at one time they broke up after Bebe allegedly committed adultery and like what a loving wife and mother does, Zuena forgave him and returned to her marital home.

But Zuena reminisced where the seemingly perfect relationship started off, pointing out that one evening that she will never forget.  

“I remember on this very day we drove our first owned car (Golf) and that very night after his performance it rained so heavily that we had to park around industrial area, get in the back of the car and wait for the rain to stop….because whenever it rained the water would shower into the front, so we tried covering the gear area with a kavera to protect that part so it can take us to our next destination,” She narrated.


However, Zuena said that Bebe promised her that he will make her the proudest and happiest wife which he has done.

“I remember him telling me ‘honey I’ll make you the proudest & happiest wife Inshallah, you’ve been here for me when I need you most & trust me I’ll never let you down. Ladies, if he loves, respects & cares about you…he’s definitely a keeper. Don’t rush to date rich men coz they will never respect you, stay with your broke man who will appreciate you for being there when he was a nobody.



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