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Zuena Defends Husband Bebe Cool In Peng Peng Dissing Saga

By now you must have known that War erupted on social media between social media commentator,music critic  cum gossiper Peng Peng after the latter alleged that Bebe Cool and wife Zuena had a fight in their hotel room after a video shoot incidence.

Peng Peng, who has over 25,000 followers on Facebook alleged that while Bebe Cool was shooting the video for his latest song ‘Every Where I Go’ in South Africa, Zuena who had accompanied him was not happy because Bebe Cool kissed a beautiful video vixen in the process of shooting the video.

He claims Zuena was so infuriated that, she walked back to the hotel room quietly to wait for Bebe Cool and confront him when not in the public’s eye.

“….The concept of the video involves kissing a woman*the vixen*And Zuena has been busy taking pictures.Whats wrong with this couple.Everyday people are complaining mbu nekubila side but this time kambayabye.Bebecool has never married Zuena but his musoga woman has no feelings alyawo akuba bifananyi pretending its okay but the concept makes her sad,Now she had the audacity to take the pictures@the scene why did she fight in the hotel???  Reads Part of his message

However, as soon as Peng Peng had posted on social media the whole ordeal and even suggested that Zuena stays home while Bebe goes for work like Chameleone and Bobi Wines’ wives do, Bebe was so infuriated and sent a missile of a response calling his long time friend and Gagamel ambassador a duck and demanded for an apology.

However, his wife Zuena kept her cool and has now given her view about the saga in this message to her fans.

Zuena pics for video

“Lol so Peng Peng is busy misleading people mbu i fought my hubby after watching him kiss a gal in a video lolestit’s not the first time am watching him kiss a gal in a video shoot, it’s called acting besides this is the life we chose to live. I wouldn’t allow him to do so if i was uncomfortable with it.Fe tuli happy coz it was a successful video shoot. Wait for it you’ll see what am talking about. EVERY WHERE I GO”

Some observers have since interpreted this as a marketing prank to promote the song. We are following the whole saga and will update you on any new developments.

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