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‘Zuena Earns Way Better Than Most Ugandan Musicians’ – Bebe Cool

This debate about Bebe Cool and his list of artists that made it last year is not about to end. Several artists have come out to blast Bebe Cool for failing to recognise their efforts in the past year and claim he decided to list down musicians that are his personal friends or those that have never crossed paths with him in a bad way.

Jose Chameleone, Eddy Kenzo and other artists have led this exchange of verbal words to another level. Surprisingly, the ‘Mbozi Za Malwa’ singer has maintained his stand and still defends his recently released list that is causing a social media storm even among the fans.

Using his facebook page, a few minutes back the Gagamel boss dragged his wife Zuena Kirema into the mix. Through his post, he suggests, his wife earns more money than a local and faded Ugandan Musician.

One of Zuena Kirema’s cakes

The post reads

“Zuena’s wedding cakes cost from 4 million Ugsh (1200dollars) and above depending on size, the number of tires, and how complicated. Compare this business to a fading, shabby, malnourished local artist in Uganda going for 1.5m to 2m per gig,” He posted 

His post has since received mixed reactions with some sections bashing him for the comparisons while others are praising him for encouraging his wife to take up the cake business. Zuena is also now into deco business and seems to finally settle on this business after trying out music and TV careers which did not work out. We will keep you posted on any new developments.


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