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Zuena Finally Clears The Air About Her Alleged Relationship With Mowzey Radio

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Up to now, many people still believe that the first lady of Gagamel Phamily Zuena and the late singer and vocalist Mowzey Radio had an affair before she met Bebe Cool.

It is true they both grew up in Jinja but the Zuena Cakes proprietor came out a few days ago and admitted that she was never in any relationship whatsoever  with the ‘Neera’ hit maker.

“I’ve always heard those rumors but I didn’t have any relationship with Radio. In fact, I didn’t know Mowzey Radio until after a few months when they released their Zuena song,” Bebe Cool’s wife said.

In her further explanation, Zuena disclosed that it was Bebe Cool who showed her Mowzey whom they bumped into at one of the hangouts in Kampala, Club Silk

Zuena also added that the dating rumors started when the Radio and Weasel (Goodlyfe) were at loggerheads with Bebe Cool and the only way to hurt him was to release a song about her and also spread those dating allegations.

She however said that one thing she has learnt about Bebe is that he has never been bothered with such accusations because he knows what she is capable of.

“Bebe was never bothered because he knows what I’m capable of. He just rubbished it off because he knew they were just making a name for themselves off his wife.”

After many years of public knowing that the late Mowzey Radio had an affair with Zuena, the truth finally came out

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