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Zuena Finally Reveals ‘True Roots’, Denies Being A Musoga

For countless years now, the country and Ugandans who love social scene have always believed that Zuena Kirema, who is Bebe Cool’s wife, is a typical Musoga. However, it has come to our notice that it is not what the public thought all long. It is wrong. The wife to big size gave clues about her ancestral roots and they go as far as the far West, not the East as widely believed.

Going by her recent comment about the trending news about the new shirt sponsorship deal that UK football club Arsenal FC signed with Rwandan tourism board, Zuena Kirema posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “Now we’re talking. Proud of my home country.”

This attracted mixed reactions from many fans some of whom lashed out at mummy Zue for not being proud of her roots in Jinja. Zuena has for long been referred to as ‘a Musoga’ in the media because she grew up from Jinja which is located in the Busoga region, but this post seems to say otherwise.

Zuena instagram post has attracted rebutal from her followers who instist she is a Musoga.

This instagram post therefore means Zuena is actually from Rwanda contrary to previous reports though her followers are not buying the whole thing. They have since advised her to ‘stick to her Busoga roots’.

Bebe Cool Zuena, who has been married to Bebe Cool for 14 years now, said that when she met him in the early 2000s, she was a very young girl and he knew it, but that he promised to marry her after her 18th birthday.

Zuena and her children.

She revealed this during an interview at a local radio station, where she had been hosted by Crystal Newman.

“I met Bebe Cool when I was 16 years old. During that time I was contesting for the Miss Uganda beauty pageant and I had been crowned Miss Bell,” Zuena said then.

She added that “We met at Crane Chambers rooftop and he introduced himself to me saying he was called Moses. At first that put me off because I was a Muslim and couldn’t take a Christian to my family as  a husband. But he told him he was a Muslim and that his name was Musa. I like him but hated his dreadlocks. I asked him to cut them off but he told me to forget that. Anyway we started dating and lived together for one…I think two years, before he proposed.”



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