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Zuena Spills One Of Their House Secrets

Zuena has been in a relationship with Bebe Cool ever since the early 2000’s and just like many others, their relationship has also had ups and downs but among the blessings are the four children that the couple has.

However, Zuena a few days ago spilled one family secret that the outside world didn’t know about. When invited for an interview on Capital FM, Bebe Cool and Zuena were asked a few questions by Gaetano and Lucky and among them was the one secret that they have kept out of the public and in her reply, Zuena said that Bebe Cool is the one who has been bathing all their children during the first two weeks after being born.


Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena spilled one of their house secrets

“Every time I give birth, its Bebe Cool to bathe and clean the babies for close to two weeks.” She said and when asked why this is the case the former Miss Uganda beauty contender said that the new-borns are so small and appear to be so delicate.

zuena Benz 2

Bebe Cool and wife Zuena

It’s on the show that Bebe Cool clarified on the rumour circulating about his support to nemesis Bobi Wine about his Political ambitions. “Social media will always start up something but the truth of the matter is, I don’t like the guy so it is not true and it will not happen full stop.”

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